Cloud Office 2.0.6

Cloud Based Attendane and Payroll System

What is cloud based attendance system ?

A cloud based attendance system can record attendance data using Biometric , Mobile GPS Location, Employee Portal Login.

The attendance record which comes from these resources known as 'attendance log'. Once this log is generated from eitherway

it is recorded at a central cloud server. Thus you can collect attendane log data from multiple locations at real time on a cloud



User gets an Admin login for his company where employee master data and other company rules like Shifts, weekly off, Holidays,

Leaves are updated. Based on the defined rules log data which comes to cloud server gets processed automatically and admin

dashboard keep on updating the head count and other important information on realtime..



Cloud based attendance system also have a login for employee which is known as 'Employee Self Service'. Every employee can

login to the cloud with his / her unique id and password to view attendance records, leave balance etc. An employee also can

apply for the various applications which will be approved by his/her team leader or HOD. e.g. Leave , Out door Entry , Comp Off,

Missing Punches etc. Once Team Leader or HOD approves this request it gets recorded on the monthly report automatically.


HR Manager or Admin using cloud based attendance system gets all the reports generated at central place without any

infrastructure cost. HR Manager or Admin needs only internet connection on PC , Laptop , Mobiles, Tablets This will save lot of

Time of HR Manager on day to day operations.


Informative Dashboard:


Realtime dashboard for HR Managers gives graphical analyses of attendance in reatime along with exceptions like Late comers,

Early goings, Absentism, Leave , Short Working , Excess Working etc. myAttendance web module also gives dashboard for

Management users who can see all type of MIS reports on their Dashboard. Just Login without any manual process to web based

time attendance system




Browser Based Responsive Application
Complete Time Management Module
HR / Admin Login
HR Dashboard
Employee Self Service
Employee Dashboard
Team Leader / HOD Login
Team Leader / HOD Dashboard
Leave Approval
Comp Off Approval
Missing Punch Approval
Management Login
Management Dashboard
Attendance Business intelligence
Auto Shift ( Time to Shift Concept )
HRMS Integration






Daily Attendance Reports
Daily In Out Report
Late Coming Report
Early Going Report
Over Time Report
Shift Wise Report
Present Report
Absent Report
Attendance Logs Reports
Leave Report

Monthly Attendance Reports
Monthly Muster Report
Monthly Performance Muster
Leave Summery Report ...




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