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In4 Biometric Division was set up in 2007 and today, is one of the leading Biometric products and solution providers in the country. In4 strategic alliances with global biometric giants. have further strengthened our position in the biometric space.

Initial years saw In4 grow rapidly as a successful enterprise in4 is also constantly endeavored to enrich its product portfolio and added several latest biometric & RFID products including Guard Tour System, a global best seller, to its list.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, In4 has a National presence with branch offices in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala. addition to an efficient network of resellers and channels across the country. Today, we are a Rs.5 Cr. company and growing.


2008 : Started up the Biometric division as a value added reseller for biometric automation devices imported from China and USA 2008
2009 : In4Solution lanched branch in Bangalore - Karnataka
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed a large-scale project for BSNL Chennai for fingerprint based Attendance system for Monitaring the staff
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed the Installation In BSNL office more then 100 Branches
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Reginal Transport Office (Govt) Hosur Tamilnadu for Biometric Based Attendance and Access Control System
2010 : In4Solution lanched branch in Hyderabad - AP
2011 : In4Solution Successfully Completed a project in Railway Requerment Board - Bangalore fot Taking Biometric Attendance for Candidates in RRB Examination.
2011 : In4Solution Still doing projects in RRB Railway Requerment Board - Bangalore fot Taking Biometric Attendance For On going Exam's.
2011 : In4Solution lanched branch in Kochi - Kerala
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in BHEL -KEL , Kasargod, Kerala for Biometric Based Attendance Systems for Employes and Workers
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Coco Colla, Chennai, TN for Biometric Based Attendance Systems for Employes and Workers
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Bharat petroleum corporation limited of India, Karnataka for RFID Guard Tour System. Security Patrolling System at Night time
2013 : In4Solution Conducted Konnect 2013 Dealers meet at Hablis Hotel in Guindy, Chennai to appreciate the efforts of our dealers who encouraged the growth of IN4Solution
2014 : In4Solution Signed a Distrubution with Zkteco inc for Biometric and security products
2015 : In4solution Signed a Distrubution with Godrej india Ltd for Home Security products
2015 : In4Solution Expited all the security Products in Security And Fire Expo 2015 | South India - UBM | July 2015
2015 : In4 Successfully Completed the Project in Madaras High Court , Chennai TN , for Staff Attendance recording


This page shows a partial list of milestones we've achieved so far during our company's lifetime.
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