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This page shows a partial list of milestones we've achieved so far during our company's lifetime.




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Initial years saw In4 grow rapidly as a successful enterprise in4 is also constantly endeavored to enrich its product portfolio and added several latest biometric & RFID products including Guard Tour System, a global best seller, to its list.


2008 : Started up the Biometric division as a value added reseller for biometric automation devices imported from China and USA 2008
2009 : In4Solution lanched branch in Bangalore - Karnataka
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed a large-scale project for BSNL Chennai for fingerprint based Attendance system for Monitaring the staff
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed the Installation In BSNL office more then 100 Branches
2010 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Reginal Transport Office (Govt) Hosur Tamilnadu for Biometric Based Attendance and Access Control System
2010 : In4Solution lanched branch in Hyderabad - AP
2011 : In4Solution Successfully Completed a project in Railway Requerment Board - Bangalore fot Taking Biometric Attendance for Candidates in RRB Examination.
2011 : In4Solution Still doing projects in RRB Railway Requerment Board - Bangalore fot Taking Biometric Attendance For On going Exam's.
2011 : In4Solution lanched branch in Kochi - Kerala
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in BHEL -KEL , Kasargod, Kerala for Biometric Based Attendance Systems for Employes and Workers
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Coco Colla, Chennai, TN for Biometric Based Attendance Systems for Employes and Workers
2011 : In4Solution successfully completed a project in Bharat petroleum corporation limited of India, Karnataka for RFID Guard Tour System. Security Patrolling System at Night time
2013 : In4Solution Conducted Konnect 2013 Dealers meet at Hablis Hotel in Guindy, Chennai to appreciate the efforts of our dealers who encouraged the growth of IN4Solution
2014 : In4Solution Signed a Distrubution with Zkteco inc for Biometric and security products
2015 : In4solution Signed a Distrubution with Godrej india Ltd for Home Security products
2015 : In4Solution Expited all the security Products in Security And Fire Expo 2015 | South India - UBM | July 2015
2015 : In4 Successfully Completed the Project in Madaras High Court , Chennai TN , for Staff Attendance recording



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